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"Peace Time is Set @ Civic Reasoning.Net"


We the People in United Nations of the World mutually dedicate our INTERnet.comUNITY Team Building Web-Site to the 56 who mutually set the Nation Interdependence Course in 1776; to the 39 who mutually set the Citizen Sovereignty Course in 1787; to the 236 who mutually set the Citizen Petition Course in 1972; to the 14 who mutually set the Government Treaty Course in 1980; and to the NUMBERS who mutually help the Georgia General Assembly SEND Civic Reasoning Invitation Team E-Mails that invite everyone on Earth to be Lady Liberty's enlightened BASE and mutually set our INTERnet.comUNITY Team Building Course for Novus Ordo Seclorum whereby Human Team Builders + Family Team Builders + Organization Team Builders + Nation Team Builders mutually demonstrate lifetime mastery of Universal Stewardship Standards of Universal Discipline Principles in the Earthcare + Humancare + Philomatheia Stewardship MARKET and mutually celebrate The Republican Form of Government Biologically with the Laws of Nature + Analytically with Common Sense + Spiritually with the Love of Nature’s God + Electronically with INTERnet.comUNITY Team Builder Web-Sites to mutually secure the Blessings of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness to ourselves and Posterity forevermore.


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